Denise (superdense) wrote in wedonthaveanlj,

paying my debt

Rachel: so i always forget that i hate the taste of beer
Denise: ha
Rachel: but the stupid super bowl commericals always trick me

Kristin: I had a similar experience
Kristin: except that I said that "d.l is such.....
Kristin: (I'm thinking)
Kristin: (okay, I cna't come up with anything other than dirty hobag)

Rachel: i wish europeans would leave their crappy music at home
Rachel: somone needs to put that in the airports
Denise: hahaha
Rachel: with some kinda crappy music detector

Mike: you don't know the first thing about stooping
Denise: um, i talk to you

Dan: well, l'chayim, as i said to several people earlier. may all your dreidel roles be gimmels

Dan: that's nuts
Dan: when the catholic church and planned parenthood agree
Dan: you're way wrong

Rachel: i met this guy today who's job is to audit porn sites!
Rachel: obviously i didn't shake his hands

Denise: why is every convo we have hilarious?
Rachel: cause u + me = radensilicous
Denise: ?
Rachel: i tried to combo our name into a word
Rachel: the attempt was less than stellar i'll admit
Denise: i was wondering why didn't have it

Denise: whatev
Rachel: its kinda like god took an eraser and was like, "you know, we don't need those letters anymore"
Denise: god loves abbrevs

Rachel: i have to give these interviews in about 10 minutes, and i've had not one not two but 4 rum and cokes in the last hour

Denise: we are too spoiled
Kristin: I prefer to think of it as being deservedly pampered

Rachel: endearing
Rachel: like bunnies with really sharp teeth

Rachel: just admit that you miss me
Denise: i miss you
Denise: just like the world misses richard nixon
Rachel: haha
Denise: i mean
Denise: the pope
Denise: i miss you like the pope

Jenny: and the men were SOOOOOO attractive
Jenny: like hockey players with nice faces

Brian: will you knit me a uterus?

Errol: I only surround myself with attractive people
Errol: and I spend the most time with you

Brian: man that's intense
Brian: not as intense as the tinwhistle though
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